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Before Session

Newborn sessions

Usually the younger baby is, the easier it is to photograph it. It is believed that newborn pictures are best taken during first 2 weeks of life, however we strongly recommend to have it done within the first 10 days after birth.

A newborn session normally takes 3-4 hours, so please do no schedule anything else for this day (health visitor or midwife visits etc). Please bring the snacks with you, especially if you are breastfeeding -you are in here for a while!

Also it is strongly recommended to bring a pacifier for the baby on the day. Even if you are not into giving dummies to your child it can be tremendous help in settling them into poses during the photo session. You can always discard it after

During the shoot the baby will be kept warm and comfortable, Maryna will do her best to ensure your baby is safe. There is no need to bring outfits for the baby, unless it is a keepsake you want to have photographed with the baby.

Maryna will provide the outfits, wraps, props and backdrops. If you have any colour theme preferred, please let her know.

Parents with the newborn baby shots

We always encourage parents to have pictures with their baby done. Even if they do not feel like it at the time, in time those shots are greatly appreciated. For classy black and white portraits, please bring plain black t-shirt for men, and plain black t-shirt/strap top for ladies. For light airy feel setting, please bring plain white t-shirts for the pair of you accordingly.

Clothes with big logos, stripes and patterns are the best to be avoided.

Children, Siblings and Family sessions

Kids sessions are fun, however they can be stressful for the parents with younger kids. Just relax! the more relaxed you feel, the less stress kids will pick up on.:) There will be no forceful posing, all sessions are done in the form of game and most children take on to it. Please do not encourage your child to say “cheese” in camera. It brings nothing but fake grimaces and it is often hard to get the child out of this habbit during the session

It is always suggested to go for the clothing in natural colours (blue, beige, white, brown) without distracting numbers, letters or logos.

Please do not choose black and white boldly patterned and stripy t-shirts or tops, beach shorts and flip-flops! Though they are great for the holiday wear, they do not contribute to good portraiture.

Collared shirts of a single colour or of very gentle pattern are the best for men and boys.

Brightness and busy-ness of clothing make pictures look busy and distract attention from main – a person on the photo.

For family and sibling portraits, colour coordinated clothing is the best. Bringing a few changes of outfits will make great variety in your pictures. Maryna will help you to mix and match if not sure.

Themed sessions

Maryna loves to take very special pictures – fairies, medieval, Celtic – and will do her best to make sure they express the atmosphere of the time and have a magical feel.

There are some children costumes and props available as well as a few adults period style dresses in size 10-16, however if you have your own outfits, feel free to bring them over!

Fine Art Sessions

Clothing for fine art sessions quite varies depending on what setting  we are going to use. Usually they tend to be plain smart outfits in darker colours without patterns, however for the lighter settings white or beige are the ones to go for.

Maryna has a few outfit choices in her children fine art wardrobe, however it is always recommended to discuss your requirements.



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