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Safety during the newborn session

We had quite a few newborn babies in studio recently.

You may think, what can possibly go wrong at newborn session? The babies cannot run, trip over wires or knock anything over. They stay safely on the beanbag and well -don’t move. However there are plenty of things to watch over during the shoot.

1.Sometimes babies push themselves forward with the legs and may fall off the bean bag

2. Baskets and posers can tip over

3.Baby’s hand/leg may go blue if posed incorrectly

4.Camera may fall on the baby during the shots from above if not secured properly with the strap

These are just a few, not mentioning the poses for the babies whcih are potentially dangerous and unsafe if done incorrectly.

So importance for the photographer to have the proper training is not undermined. it is the first thing to consider when booking the session – is my baby going to be safe?

We invest plenty of time in training and ensure our little clients are as comfortable and safe as possible. All blankets, wraps and outfits are washed after each use too!


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