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Fantasy photo shoot in Kennel Vale, Cornwall

Something a bit different from shabby chik theme and babies portraits, but for the last 3 years I’ve been carrying out a personal project -?my “Haunted” series. This year haunted-4 happened to be initiated by someone else – a fantastic make up artist Kelly Richards, who specialises in facial prosthetics and theatrical make up in particular.


The setting took place in Kennel Woods near Penryn -am amazing place with so much to offer. But unfortunately (sod’s law!) it started to rain the moment we stepped outside. It was absolutely pouring by the time we came to location. Luckily trees sheltered us a bit, but still with all the dripping-dropping which was going on we could hardly move around. The time was tight as well, flashes refusing to fire etc etc… all these little misfortunes which seem to happen all on one day – when you don’t want them to happen.

Anyway, thought not finished up with too many shots, there happened to be some movie-like ones:))

Check them out if not scared!

Thanks to models: Amber, Tilly, Jack, and make up artist Kelly Richards

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