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Looking for cheap photographer in St Austell, Cornwall – read this!

Cheap photographer St Austell Cornwall

Cheap market will never fail. ?And with competition on photography arena these days, it becomes harder and harder for professional photographers to make living. ?But is “cheap” always “good”?

I?had someone coming through the doors, asking how to take a photographer to court for producing horrible pictures.
Feeling sorry for the lady – pictures were really bad! My daughter would have taken better ones on her phone:((

The photos were taken by one of the “raising stars” in local photography market. No doubt “highly recommended” by mums on social media?for fantastic value for money and, of cause, “great work”!

There are lots of “so-called” photographers out there, claiming to be professional – because if you do charge money – you put yourself in “professional” category. What they don’t realise, to have a camera is not enough, you need to know what to do with it! Cutting people out and putting them on white background in Photoshop is not the way of doing images in “high key” – you must have proper lighting for it and know how to use it!

So, dear bargain hunters, if you are offered 25 images for ?30, hmm.. well, it is probably too good to be true! Competent photographer will never charge that. If you wonder why:
1. they spend fortune on proper camera and lighting – we talk thousands and tens of thousands, and charging ?30 for 25 copyright free images – well, it just doesn’t add up!
2. they take years of training and practice to learn the trade – there is much more to it then just click the button, believe me! And before they charge they make sure they provide products to the right standard.
3. They run proper business: ie. paying insurance, rent, rates, software rentals etc – and charging ?30 per client would put them out of business in a moment.
It can go on and on…


So please do not believe anyone, but your own?eyes! Make sure you check the portfolio of your chosen photographer. If you are after location session – make sure they have location images for you to view – and it means not one session of the same kid, but good variety, with different subjects, in different lighting conditions. What if the day when you book your choose is very sunny – does your photographer know how to deal with strong sun? If he/she doesn’t – you will be stuck with bleached?images with harsh shadows!

Mums will recommend “good value” and say the images are the best – well, it doesn’t necessary mean they are, it is their kids, who are on those images! And on that reason alone the are the best pictures in the world!

Judge for yourself!

And in the end of the day, you will get what you pay! :))
Good day to you all!:) x




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