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Suki Fisher Modelling portfolio

Helping Suki to start modelling career. She is an absolutely stunning 17 year old with flawless skin, delicate features and sweetest temper.

The goth setting was inspired by Evanescence music.

Space was a long though through idea of mine. Our staging would put BBC production into shame -honestly! LOL It took a while to hang the?polystyrene?balls of different sizes of some lame runs of a cord, fixed to wherever could be fixed, with?sellotape. ?So under gravity law, the planets kept falling, like meteors! LOL Some of them had to be hand held on a stick with a rope.

But I am proud that I DIDN’T go the easy root and photoshopped them in, but had them hanging there in the first place and let the light fall on them where it did.
The?polystyrene?balls were turned into planets by applying different textures to them in Photoshop.

Model: Suki Fisher
Make up: Julie Wieczorek Mua
Hair: Lucia Solomon and Julie Wieczorek


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