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Downs Side Up – Revealed! With Hayley Goleniowska

One of probably most challenging photo shoots ever!

Hayley is a fantastic writer and a founder of a blog “Downs Side up”, popularity of which grows more and more with each day. Blessed with a child with Downs Syndrome, Hayley stood up to the odds and challenged the world’s perceptions about disability. Her daughter Natalia has?traveled?the world, going to main stream school and does modelling for national clothing companies. Hayley provides big support for families with Down Syndrome children.

I’ve been approached about picturing this wonderful and strong woman… well…. in NUDE! And connect it with Down Syndrome. And present everything in artistic light! What can be easier!!!
I’d like to think I coped. These is plenty of symbolism in them and yet they show Hayley as a delicate woman, who happened to show such a?strength.

The pre-shoot and interview were filmed by Geoff Mason Brown of?Blue Light Media

Make up artist:?Julie Wieczorek of www.angelfaceonline.com

Pictures are to be released in March for Down Syndrome day.

Read more at Hayley’s blog Downs Side Up

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