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“Mermaid-Amazonka”, Florida

Two weeks in Floridian sun are over.

It is our second time in Little Harbor Resort, Florida, and as beach didn’t change much from last time, there was a challenge of picking up a photo theme for this year.

Then I remembered how in 1980’s our Soviet family used to go on Soviet type of holiday to the sea side in Ukraine. Those days were filled with so much excitement, everything was so beautiful, though while looking at the pictures from those times now it makes me wonder ‘why?’ One of the big attractions of Soviet sea side holidays was Neptune day. It was a celebration when everyone got dressed up as ?sea creatures. While there was one ‘Neptune’ – a big belly man with wonky beard, and one ‘Neptune-ess’ – a blonde woman with long hair in?extraordinary?blingy bikini (such a?rarity?in Soviet times!), the parts of ‘mermaids’ and ‘imps’ were given to children. Girls wore the skirts made by their mothers out of the grass and first aid bandage and and sea shell necklaces. In such outfit so called ‘mermaids’ looked more like ?cannibals.:)

So while in Florida with limited sewing?resources?it was decided to make one of those mermaid-cannibal costumes for fun Amazonka photo shoot on the beach. The skirt was done out of palm leaves and we didn’t have lack of shells with the holes for?accessories.

It was last calm evening before the storm, cloudless and quite evening without a murmur of wind.?Mosquitoes were a nuisance and sunset hours very short, so we had to be quick.


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