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“C’est la vie” or “Autumn Fantasy”

Milarna is promising violinist and is inspired by Vanessa Mei playing. Once after watching one of her music videos we decided to go ahead with the ‘Autumn fantasy’ shoot. It took a while to?fulfill?this idea. A new dress had to ?be made, then a right day picked up. The place chosen – historic Hellman Tor at Lanlivery, Cornwall.?I wanted bear trees with odd yellow leaves and textured cloudy sky. But in early September there are no signs of autumn in Cornwall, and while we usually do not experience ?lack of clouds, the day was bright. And?freezing! ?Poor Milarna was blue with cold within a first half an hour.

Second part of the shoot (indoors) was even harder to plan, as we couldn’t find the suitable house. after almost 2 months we found it over 200 miles away in Hadfield, near Manchester. Thanks to kind hosts Jeff and Cath for letting us use their beautiful antique home as the shooting grounds.

The result of our labour can bee seen in the video (sadly, my lovely webhost does not allow large files uploaded, so it has to be youtube). The quality of internet version is not great either

Movie here


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