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Cake Smash

Cake smash tradition came to us from United States. At age of one year old, little ones have unpredictable reactions when they touch and interact with things. With cake being the one they touch and play with it like children of older ages never will. So capturing these precious expressions are quite emportant and those images become amazing keepsake for the years to come.

In the latest fashion cake smashes have grown to become “Smash and Splash” sessions and now include the bath time after the messy play, followed by cute photos in the towel. Babies usually love splashing in our beautiful bathtub prop, so we capture lots of gorgeous moments.



We now offer so called “themed” Smash’n’Splashes. That is when you can choose what props and theme you like for your session. There are 12 to choose from, and if you like a theme which is not on a list, please let Maryna know and she will get it ready for you.

Together with the theme setting our cake smashes include,

  • Giant cupcake style cake to match the theme
  • Custom made outfit, props and helium balloons
  • 6×8″print of your choice

During the session we will take pre-smash photos (or photos with siblings or parents if needed), baby eating and interacting with the cake, Splash (baby in the bath photos) and baby in the towel photos.

Cake Smash’n’ Splash is an experience not to be missed, so feel free to invite grandparents to join the fun.

Unfortunatelly we are unable to provide gluten/dairy/egg free cakes at this stage

“Cake smash and splash” photo session, with the theme of your choice, cake and 8×6″ print – £65

For dates and availability please contact Maryna, then click on “Book Now” button  below


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Cake Smash Themes

Thomas Tank Engine,
Mickey Mouse,
Winnie Pooh
Red Blue White

Minnie Mouse
 My Little Pony
Peppa Pig
Pinkie Pink
Vintage Blooms

Boys and Girls

Icecream parlour

Terms and Conditions

Please read full T&C's before booking!

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Smash ‘n’ Splash

Cake smash session in studio
Theme of your choice
Cake and outfit to match the theme


with 8x6" print included

*We are UNABLE to provide dairy/egg/gluten free cakes at this time.

Please read full Terms and Conditions before booking

Things to remember!

-All babies are different. Some of them will go for the cake straight away, the others may take their time and some encouragement to do it, so please BE PATIENT with the little ones, give them time to familiarise themselves with the environment and cake

-Tired baby - not happy baby. Please advise on baby's feeding/napping times so we can choose the best time for them for their session

-Do interact with your baby during the session. If they have favourite songs or toys, bring them over, they often help to get extra smiles

- and finally - special request for Dads! Please do not smash cake in baby's face, or lift them by the foot upside down - it is more likely to make them cry!:))

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