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Alternative Wedding Bridal at Bodmin Jail

Love when people book us for the work we do!
So when the new manager of Bodmin Jail contacted regarding the themed photo shoot I did a few years ago and said he wants something done alongside with it, it was very exciting! For it is

1. Themed photoshoot

2. It was to be in Bodmin Jail

3. It was for alternative wedding promotion

4. It involved costumes and period drama

And it turned out to be the biggest project of the year!

After many years Bodmin Jail has changed the owner and the new possibilities came in view for them. I always thought it was under used for what it is, and its magnificent assets have never been completely benefited from, as far as wedding venue possibilities go. But now it has been decided to give it a chance to aim for that exclusive wedding clientele who wants something a bit more different from big white wedding.

After the vast research and discussion, the outline of the project came: Dark Elegance look in its rich Goth magnificence in moody reds and blacks. Alluring and desirable, portraying Bodmin Jail as the perfect place for alternative weddings with its Victorian features and dark history.

Then another theme emerged – Poldark, inspired by BBC2 Drama series, setting of which lays in Cornwall.

So the team was formed, expanding more and more as more vendors like to participate in this venture

Models: Goth Bride: Ione Alexandra Kutz, Goth Groom: George Champion

Poldark Bride: Adele Green, Poldark Groom: Rob Brown

MUA: Julie Wiz

Hair Stylist: Lisa Vercoe

Birds: Cheya the hawk and Whisper the barn owl, from Bird Lady of Fowey

Hat pieces: Kay Prior of Roamer Rose

Men Suits: Dark Angel

Table set up: Unique designs by Tina

Flowers: Phillip John Corps

Props: Phillip John Corps

Cake: Donna Jane Mears Cakes

Wedding Stationary: Sara Buckmaster of englishrosestationery.com

Photo Assistant: Albert Savage

Project manager: Hazel Parsons




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